Yes, Delineo is new, so this is based on Tim's experience over 20+ years, either building the model myself or leading the team of developers building the model.


Wholesale & retail

type of model

CFO long-term planning model


Development of a long-term planning model that forecast both wholesale and retail aspects of the business. This included each business unit’s volumes and sales prices by brand, customer and product, as well as cost of sales, other overheads and opportunities & risk analysis.  Corporate level tax, debt, equity, valuation, acquisition and divestment analysis were incorporated into the model as well. The model allowed the CFO to easily undertake scenarios and sensitivities on the business, without waiting days for analysis to be undertaken by team members.

other relevant industry models

Retail store investment model; rolling business planning models; individual store valuation model; budget models; daily budget model by product category; daily cash flow model; gross margin model; reporting models for actual results; detailed SKU level forecasting model.

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