Yes, Delineo is new, so this is based on Tim's experience over 20+ years, either building the model myself or leading the team of developers building the model.


Agriculture - dairy

type of model

Factory management & milk supply model


Developed a planning model that assisted the client with factory management and milk balancing.  The model consisted of two models – a daily model and a weekly model.  The daily model managed milk and component truck deliveries for each factory across the dairy network.  It included tracking of stock levels, delivery times and allowed the business to track carrier and supplier performance.  The weekly model allowed scenario analysis for the balancing of supply and demand of milk and other components on a state-by-state approach, including analysing different options for shortfall or excess milk, and tracking forecasting performance.

other relevant industry models

Activity-based costing model; income estimates for farmers; a suite of models to track cost saving initiatives; capital expenditure business case models; forecast P&L model by product and region.

Dairy cows