Yes, Delineo is new, so this is based on Tim's experience over 20+ years, either building the model myself or leading the team of developers building the model.


Utilities - electricity, gas & water

type of model

Pricing model


Construction of a comprehensive and dynamic pricing model. Using detailed customer and cost data, combined with an in-depth costing methodology, a set of cost-reflective tariffs were produced for different customer groups. In addition, the price paths required to achieve those tariffs over a number of years were determined. The model provided the ability to analyse different cost structures and price paths, and their impact on customers and the return to the business.

other relevant industry models

Rolling budgeting & planning model for a utility, which linked into a daily cash flow model; a fixed assets model for a large utility; a whole-of-market industry model for a government department; corporate planning model; acquisition models for all parts of the supply chain; regulated revenue model; retail pricing model; a utility debt model (including hedging); suite of models for utility data collection.

Electricity transmission tower