Yes, Delineo is new, so this is based on Tim's experience over 20+ years, either building the model myself or leading the team of developers building the model.



type of model

Acquisition & project management model


Developed a one-stop-shop model for a residential land development business.  The purpose of the model was to manage stock, revenue, costs and financing issues on any given project.  Some of the more complex modelling issues involved a flexible financing section that allowed for multiple debt and equity strips as well as a complex cash waterfall linked to banking covenants. The model also included a GST calculation for land purchase and a mechanism for monitoring stock levels throughout the duration of the project.  Finally, the model gave the ability to switch from a high level "acquisition phase" to a more "detailed project management phase".  The model then provided a number of performance and financial statement related outputs.

other relevant industry models

Property capital expenditure model for a large education institution; property pipeline model for retail business; student housing feasibility model; aged care facilities.