Yes, Delineo is new, so this is based on Tim's experience over 20+ years, either building the model myself or leading the team of developers building the model.



type of model

Franchise restaurant model


Development of a generic restaurant model that was rolled out across both company-owned and franchise restaurants for a business.  The model detailed revenue and cost of sales using volumes, unit prices and cost of sales as a percentage of revenue.  Three years of historical data was incorporated using a dynamic mapping system, allowing the company to use historical data as a base to create a budget and a longer-term corporate plan.  The model also included a consolidated workbook that allowed the company to view outputs across all restaurants and a consolidated view of the company's position, taking into account debt, equity, assets and working capital at the corporate level.

other relevant industry models

Property pipeline model, to identify new restaurant locations; new restaurant model for new store business cases.

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