financial models

You deserve the best model. It all starts here.

Why choose Delineo?

You will save time

A good financial model will save you time. Lots of it. If you are wasting time with your spreadsheets, give Delineo a call.

I've lost count of the times I have helped a client take a model that takes minutes to calculate and get it down to seconds, or monthly processes that take days, down to minutes.

You will get greater clarity

A model built according to best practice has clearly identified assumptions, a simple layout and clear and concise outputs. Simple really.

A large client had never forecast past 12 months. After constructing a model for the next five years, they realised that their business was in decline and they needed to make key strategic decisions for their future.

You will make better decisions

Able to run sensitivities and scenarios, change key drivers easily. By analysing possible outcomes through the model, you are able to make better informed decisions. Yes please!

A franchising business built a model to help their franchisees analyse the key drivers of their business. Along with benchmarking across franchisees, the business was able to assist the franchisees to make their stores even more profitable.

You will make more money

Save time + Make better decisions = Make more money. Sorry, that isn't an Excel formula... 

After constructing an operational model, a company was able to reduce costs by $2m p.a., as it was able to track and control its transport costs across its different factory locations.

You don't have the resources or skills

Sometimes you just don't have the staff available or with the necessary skills. Delineo can help!

I have been to some weird and wonderful places, so happy to come to you. My favourite is probably "The Barn" in Canberra...

All types of industries. All types of models. All sizes of business.

Industries, from utilities & infrastructure, to agriculture & forestry, government, transport, financial services & funds, retail & wholesale, manufacturing, mining & resources, property, services and not-for-profits.

Models, from budgeting & planning, to strategy, pricing & costing models, project models & business cases, operational planning & staffing allocations, inventory scheduling, M&A + IPO, reporting models & consolidations.

Businesses, from new start-ups to some of Australia's top 10 listed entities. Local council, through to the federal government. Not-for-profits and even directly for private individuals. Everyone needs a model at some stage!