best practice reviews

You have a model, but it could be better...

What is a best practice review?

Compare your model to best practice

Your model will be scored to see how well it rates against best practice. It will be measured against the following areas: 

  • Workbook Structure

  • Worksheet Structure

  • Time Series Structure

  • Formats & Styles

  • Assumptions Entry

  • Calculation Formulas

  • Outputs

  • Naming Principles

  • Checks

  • Printing & Viewing

The 'Standards' that your model is compared against, is the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The Standards are maintained by the Spreadsheet Standards Review Board, which is administered by BPM & Modano. You can view the Standards here.

Clearly defined outcomes and implementation steps

A written report will be produced, that provides insight as to your financial model's strengths & weaknesses, in particular recommendations for improving your model to increase quality and decrease risk.

Delineo can then help you implement the recommendations, or assist in up-skilling your staff through our training courses, so that they can put the recommendations into action.

NOTE: Delineo does not provide model audit or model review services, which provide a written sign-off on the accuracy and correctness of the model. If you would like a model audit or model review, please contact Delineo and recommendations for a model auditor will be provided.

Good. Better. Best.

If you are struggling with a model that just isn't optimal, please contact Delineo. It is amazing the time and quality improvements that can be made with a few simple changes.